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Eczema treatments before and after

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I thought I'd share with you some before and after photos of patients who have followed The Eczema Diet program plus the Food intolerance diagnosis (FID) program from my new book The Eczema Detox which is due out in October 2017. As a health practitioner I don't usually share patient stories but these have been kindly offered with written permission. Please keep in mind your results may vary from the photos shown. 


Eczema before and after The Eczema Detox

"I've had eczema for most of my life. Before I had eczema crusts on my whole body and now the crusts are only on my legs. My feet have improved – they are still red but no longer swollen. I notice if I have a flare up I recover faster. I first started on The Eczema Diet book version and I noticed a small improvement within a month. When I did the stricter version (Food Intolerance Diagnosis Program) and after taking Skin Friend I noticed further improvements within a couple of weeks.
I’ve been on the program for a year now… If I had only done Stage One, or just 3 months, I would have thought the diet doesn't work - when it actually changed my life from not wanting to come out of the house, to actually living normally again. Some WILL be healed within a couple months and this is great. For some, like me, it takes longer - but in my opinion it is worth it. Obviously, I hope to be able to eat more foods (or even normally) in the future, but if I had to stay on the diet my whole life to keep my eczema from coming back like before, I would do it.”
Charlie (Canada)
topical steroid withdrawal before and after The Eczema Detox
“I have been going through topical steroid withdrawal now for eight months. This has been an enormous challenge! Karen I can't thank you enough for your guidance and support with this condition which is often not recognized by medical practitioners. The Eczema Diet plan and the Skin Friend AM and PM supplements have lessened the symptoms and I have no doubt are shortening the healing time as I continue to improve. Thank you again!”
Alison (Australia)

 Eczema diet before and after Ayva

"My daughter Ayva (shown above) developed severe eczema two weeks after she was born. We had allergy testing done but avoiding her allergy foods did not help. She was also allergic to dust mites and cats so we packed away her fluffy toys (they harbour dust mites), put mittens on her hands, sent our cat to live with Grandma, tried every type of cream and bought 100% cotton sheets, etc. Still her eczema did not improve.
The before and after photos of her legs (shown above), were taken after I developed The Eczema Diet and Skin Friend AM, which is the nutritional supplement to go with the diet. Her skin took about two months to completely clear up.
Ayva gradually resumed eating a normal healthy diet and she remained eczema-free for thirteen years. However, when she was a teenager we moved to a new house and her eczema gradually returned on her arms (see photos, below). We also think it was triggered by eating too much avocado as it's very rich in salicylates and amines which can worsen eczema. So she started taking Skin Friend again, and continues taking it, to keep her skin clear. It also prevents pimples so she now recommends it to her friends."
Karen Fischer (Australia)
Ayva eczema before and after Skin Friend supplements

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