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Eczema Life Clinic

Let’s take positive steps to eradicate eczema. We are here to help ...

At the Eczema Life Clinic we offer eczema products that are science-based and healthy for the body as a whole. We are passionate about helping people with eczema and dermatitis because we have experienced first hand, the pain, sleep deprivation, the topical steroid merry-go-round and the heartache within our own families. The Eczema Life Clinic is located in Sydney, Australia. Join our newsletter for prizes, food guides and eczema support by signing up here. Meet our team:




Our eczema expert, nutritionist Karen Fischer runs the Eczema Life Clinic and is the author of the award-winning book The Healthy Skin Diet and The Eczema Diet. For the past fourteen years Karen has helped hundreds of patients with eczema, dermatitis, TSW, red skin syndrome, psoriasis, rosacea and more.  

What we think is great about Karen is her obsession with hats and her eczema research. Karen previously suffered with severe hand dermatitis and psoriasis, and her daughter Ayva previously had eczema. The family are now completely free of skin disorders and enjoy a varied diet. 

Our information and articles at Eczema Life are supplied by Karen and she passes on her years of expertise via our eczema blog.



Sasha previously suffered from eczema throughout her childhood and early 20s. She is passionate about nutrition and health and she is currently studying Nutrition at Nature Care College in Sydney.

What we think is great about Sasha is her passion for raising money for cancer charities and she does a fabulous job helping out at her children's school, raising money for school projects, baking and ensuring the canteen sells healthy foods for our kids. She is often found in her kitchen cooking delicious and healthy snacks for the family, using her Thermomix.

As a youngster, Sasha worked for Triple M as a sales co-ordinator and Foxtel in a publicity role before moving to London. When an opportunity came up to work for Hobsbawm Media + Marketing, Sasha jumped at the chance to be their Events and Communications Manager working with clients such as the World Health Organisation (WHO).



Adrian Paul image

Adrian was in the founding group of AGENCY.COM in New York and he is the COO at Whybin TBWA Advertising Group, Australia. Adrian and his wife Sasha have two lovely boys.

What we think is great about Adrian is his work ethic and his determination to help people with eczema (as his wife previously had eczema).



Our lovely receptionists are Deb Wiseman and Katie Layland. Katie is currently studying to be a nutritionist at Nature Care College and Deb has suffered with skin problems and she is an IT expert.