Can I be vegan or vegetarian while on The Eczema Diet?

linseeds are vegan and good for eczema

Yes. Vegetarians and vegans don’t have to eat animal products while following The Eczema Diet – you can have vegetarian protein two or three times daily and combine beans/lentils with grains to make a complete protein.

Vegan foods that are eczema-friendly:

  • Red or brown lentils (all types)
  • Beans (most types but not broad beans as they are rich in salicylates). 
  • Canned beans (rinsed)
  • Chickpeas
  • Linseeds
  • Green beans
  • Dried split peas (not fresh peas as they contain natural MSG)

If you are not sensitive to any type of nuts, raw cashews can be eaten from week 4 (Stage 1 food, but caution is recommended). If you have an undiagnosed sensitivity to cashew nuts, eating them during the diet could affect your results. 

Vegan supplements while following The Eczema Diet

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If you are vegetarian or vegan and have eczema, it's important to consume eczema-friendly sources of vitamin B12 and other B vitamins as a deficiency can worsen eczema and lead to anaemia. The vegan supplements we recommend at the Eczema Life Clinic are Skin Friend as it contains your B vitamins and other ingredients that promote the healing and repair of the skin. Other key nutrients to keep an eye on while following a vegan diet are Omega-3, vitamin D, and Iron. Vitamin D and Iron may not need to be supplemented unless they are low, and some rich sources of omega-3 can be found in chia seeds, borage oil, and flaxseed oil. 



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