Eczema supplement questions

Skin Friend treatment for eczema

FAQ: "When is the Skin Friend supplement for eczema available? Do I need a prescription for it?"

The Skin Friend supplements are now available without prescription and more information can be found at Skin Friend.


FAQ: “I am about to start the Eczema Diet and I would like to start taking the supplements suggested in your book. Do I speak to my doctor about them before taking them?”

The right supplements are very important for helping clear up and prevent eczema. Regarding speaking with your doctor: if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have heart disease or kidney problems, or if you are taking prescribed medications, then speak with your doctor and/or a certified nutritionist or dietician before taking supplements.

It’s helpful to speak with someone who specialises in the Eczema Diet so they can ensure your supplements are free of salicylates and amines (and other chemicals/ingredients that can typically worsen eczema). At Eczema Life we no longer offer consultations for eczema. However, you can speak to Karen and her team of nutritionists at the Eczema Diet Membership on the support forum.

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FAQ: "Are the ingredients in Skin Friend approved and safe?"

The Skin Friend supplements contains TGA approved ingredients and the products are registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Australia). There are no herbal ingredients in the products so the products are suitable for people with salicylate-sensitivity. 

Here is what a doctor from the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital (Brisbane, Australia) says about Skin Friend:


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