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Questions About Karen Fischer's Consultations

FAQ: "I would like to book a consultation for my child's eczema. Can you tell me about the supplements Karen Fischer prescribes for children with eczema?"

The main supplement Karen prescribes is a pure powder supplement that contains no additives, just pure nutrients.

Karen says:
“Working with patients with eczema, dermatitis and other skin disorders has taught me about their vast range of food sensitivities and deficiencies. So I wanted to create products with the purest ingredients to meet their needs. SKIN FRIEND has taken more than ten years to develop and test. I initially designed it for my daughter who is now eczema-free. I have prescribed SKIN FRIEND to my patients for years now and I know you’ll love it.”


SKIN FRIEND contains quality, non-GMO ingredients and is free of unhealthy additives, dairy, gluten, wheat, corn, soy, salicylates, citric acid/citrate, amines, maltodextrin, flavours and gums, and it's 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The supplement is also herb-free so it is suitable for children from the age of one.

All supplements adhere to Government RDA dosages for children. The supplement is patent-pending protected.

As regular supplements contain hidden ingredients which can worsen eczema, we have our custom-made products mixed by a pharmacist especially for the patient and he is advised of your allergies and sensitivities.

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