The Benefits of Bamboo Clothing for Eczema

Bamboo clothes eczema life review

Bamboo clothing review by Karen Fischer.

Natural fabrics such as wool and linen may look lovely but if you have eczema (or itch-prone skin) you'll find these fabrics can make your skin itch like f**ing crazy.

Excuse the expletive. If you've ever had severe eczema or red skin syndrome (from TSW), you'll know it's no ordinary itch... It's more like a painful 'to the bone' type of itch that can lead to an expletive or two.

When eczema first appears, you might find your favourite clothes are suddenly making you itch, only you won't figure that out at first, you'll just think it's the eczema.

So check the fabrics you are wearing every time you itch...

Fabrics to avoid

  • Wool and linen are a no no.
  • Synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester are just as bad, as they can make super sensitive, rash-prone skin prickle in pain.

Luckily there are some wonderful, natural alternatives. 

Fabrics that are eczema-friendly

  • 100% cotton (if it's soft)
  • 100% cotton sateen (feels a bit like satin)
  • bamboo (check the blend and softness)

When it comes to bed linen, 100% cotton sheets and covers are fantastic IF they are super soft. Vintage cotton, even if 100% cotton, is just too rough for eczema. So avoid vintage cotton (you can spot it as it looks a bit trendy like linen) and avoid cotton-linen blends as they will probably make you itch.

The hunt for eczema-friendly clothes

Cotton clothes are good IF the cotton is the soft kind, but when it comes to fashion, Bamboo fabric is king. 

For the past month we have been testing a range of Bamboo clothes and I was thrilled to find out more about this 'new' soft alternative to cotton for eczema-prone people. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean "new" in the literal sense. Bamboo fabric has been around for a long time, as Sarah from Rant pointed out to me... their Australian bamboo clothing range has been available for ten years. Now pretty much everyone knows about bamboo fabric, which is often organic (a bonus). 

Bamboo clothing

My first foray into bamboo was bamboo active wear (workout leggings and singlets by Boody). Now you might not love spending all day in figure-hugging workout gear (I don't), so I went on a quest to find eczema-friendly dayand all-important social—wear that looked great. 

So here are three Australian brands (that ship world-wide), which are leading the way in bamboo fashion. {Note this is not a paid post, as we do not accept paid advertising on this website.}


I must confess, when I saw their 'on trend' fashion range my mind did a happy dance. With Australian label Rant's cool layered garments, neutral colours and divine styling, you would soon forget you had eczema and you might even enjoy your night out. 

Bamboo clothing for eczema au

Pros and cons:

Their unique weave is designed to make the fabric last longer and not pill, which can happen with other types of bamboo fabrics. Hence, these bespoke pieces will (according to Rant's owner Sarah) last for 10+ years, if well cared for.

The designs are modern and have a young vibe, but cater to women of all ages.  

Rant's quality bamboo fabric, which is more resilient than other bamboo fabrics, is not quite as soft as the standard bamboo fabric, which might be a problem for some people with eczema.

You'll also pay a bit more for this quality product, as most of Rant's bamboo fabric is weaved in Australia, as opposed to China. 

You can find Rant clothing at in their bamboo clothing section. Note they have other clothes which are not bamboo fabric so check the fabric description on the product page before purchasing. 


We road-tested Boody's active-wear leggings (their original leggings and their new more expensive Active Tights), on people with eczema and we found this important difference...

Pros and cons:

Their original (cheaper) leggings are super soft and great for gently covering eczema, without irritation. However, if you have eczema we recommend you avoid their new Active Tights, which are thicker, as they caused a bit of itching when our eczema volunteer tested them. 

In the end, the original soft leggings got the tick of approval. The down-side is that they are a tad see-through when you bend over in your yoga class (hello g-string). So we suggest you wear their black boy-leg underwear underneath the leggings (not a g-string) so you don't flash any flesh while doing your downward dog pose. 

Oh, and they have a lovely soft baby range of bamboo clothes. 

Bamboo Body

Our eczema team loved testing Bamboo Body, which is an Aussie brand that has designed a large range of bamboo clothes and active wear for women, plus there is a clothing range for men.

Bamboo body clothing review

Some of their clothes have a mix of bamboo and cotton but we only tested the bamboo range that was 93% bamboo and 7% spandex. And we loved what we saw. 

Pros and cons:

You'll need to take care of these clothes to avoid damaging the fabric. On the upside, the clothes are very reasonably priced so you can afford to buy more and layer the look. 

The 93% bamboo items felt soft and the clothes were versatile and layered well. The colour range was good, the shipments were fast and almost everything was bamboo (except the wool and bamboo blend cardigans which should be avoided if you have itchy skin). And there was lots to choose from (if you're a woman). 

You can find their clothing range at

Final tips

  • Before you buy, always check the 'fabric description' as the clothing brands might use other fabrics that aren't as eczema-friendly.
  • As with all clothing, ensure you wash all new clothes before first wear, to avoid irritation from the dyes. This step is essential!
  • Use a sensitive skin washing powder to wash your clothes (I use the Aware brand here in Australia). And ensure your clothing items dry completely before storing them in the cupboard, to avoid mould. 
  • If your eczema is quite sore or weepy, invest in some loose bamboo clothing items, as tighter styles can be harder to wear. 

If you have eczema, you'll be a Bamboo fan in no time.


Credits: Top image taken by Karen Fischer (Sarah wears Bamboo Body singlet top and Isy Long Bamboo Skirt by Bamboo Body). 

Other photos supplied by Rant and Bamboo Body. 


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