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"These testimonials have been kindly offered with written permission from my patients (and some are from readers of my eczema books). Please note I no longer see patients and your results may vary. 

~ Karen Fischer, nutritionist, author of The Eczema Diet and The Eczema Detox 

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photos: Anna

“I have always had eczema but after a stressful period of my life my eczema became unmanageable and so painful. It looked like my skin was burnt, it was hot, itchy and dry. I was applying cream 10-20 times a day with ice packs to try to help with the pain. My sleep was terrible because of the eczema pain waking me. No steroid creams worked and after my GP recommended bleach baths I decided to instead meet with Karen. I immediately took the Skin Friend AM and PM and started The Eczema Detox (FID Program).

After about 3 to 6 weeks I started to see a slight change and continued. I then I saw a huge change after 2-3 months on the diet. My body felt clean on the inside and my dryness disappeared from head to toe including my scalp. My skin has healed and I now live pain free. My friends keep saying how healthy I look and how my skin is glowing. I feel so much better about myself and I have also noticed an improvement in my overall health. Less sinus issues and if I get sick I recover quicker.

If you have eczema you would be crazy to not try this diet and supplements asap. I feel like I now have control of my eczema, not it controlling me.”

Anna (Australia)

(before and after photos shown above)



"I've had eczema for most of my life. Before I had eczema crusts on my whole body and now the crusts are only on my legs. My feet have improved – they are still red but no longer swollen. I notice if I have a flare up I recover faster. I first started on The Eczema Diet book version and I noticed a small improvement within a month. When I did the stricter version (Food Intolerance Diagnosis Program from The Eczema Detox) and after taking Skin Friend I noticed further improvements within a couple of weeks.

I’ve been on the program for a year now… If I had only done Stage One, or just 3 months, I would have thought the diet doesn't work - when it actually changed my life from not wanting to come out of the house, to actually living normally again. Some WILL be healed within a couple months and this is great. For some, like me, it takes longer - but in my opinion it is worth it. Obviously, I hope to be able to eat more foods (or even normally) in the future, but if I had to stay on the diet my whole life to keep my eczema from coming back like before, I would do it.”

 Charlie (Canada)

(before and after photos shown above)  



“I have been going through topical steroid withdrawal now for eight months. This has been an enormous challenge! Karen I can't thank you enough for your guidance and support with this condition which is often not recognized by medical practitioners. The Eczema Detox plan and the Skin Friend AM and PM supplements have lessened the symptoms and I have no doubt are shortening the healing time as I continue to improve. Thank you again!”
Alison (Australia)
(before and after photos shown above)
"I am so thankful for your book The Eczema Diet that I wanted to write and tell you how much it has helped us. At the beginning of last year, I was in near despair over the eczema which was affecting four members of our family. We had been going to doctors for years and had only been given topical steroids and told that it was not diet-related. Tests have shown nothing useful and most of the alternative practitioners I've been to couldn't help. We had stopped using the steroid creams as they weren't working any more and my nine-year-old had broken out all over his body. He was scratching all night and some days was in so much pain he could hardly walk and would lie on the floor groaning. Sometimes when I looked at his skin I wanted to run around in circles tearing my hair out and screaming.

Then my daughter came home from the library where she worked with your book and we decided to try it, with faith in God who said "I am the God who heals you". It was hard and took a lot longer than I had hoped at first - three months to see any improvement and around a year to clear up. The big breakthrough came when I finally discovered that my nine-year-old was extremely sensitive to potatoes. He is now on a diet with no potatoes, gluten or dairy products, and his horrible, horrible eczema is almost gone. My fourteen-year-old has cleared up completely and can eat a normal diet, and we can all eat quite a few yummy foods again. My eczema almost cleared up but I keep getting flare-ups so I am buying The Eczema Detox to see if I can get to the bottom of it.

I used to worry that my daughter would not be able to get married and have children, which was what she wanted to do, because her hands were so, so sore. She could barely look after herself - she wouldn't have been able to look after a home or a baby. But during the year we were on the Eczema Diet, she met the man she would marry. By their wedding day she was completely cured with beautiful skin, and now they are joyfully expecting their first child. BEAT THAT FOR A HAPPY ENDING!" [see wedding photo, below]

Tani (New Zealand)

Daughter on her wedding day



“I have been on Karen’s Eczema Diet and supplements for a year and a half.  I don’t know where I would be without her expertise and insight into what really triggers eczema and how to heal it.  I too, as you can see from the pictures, went through TSW, which was horrible.  It’s been a long journey, but I know continuing to follow the Eczema Diet will lead to ultimate healing of my skin.  Thank you Karen!”

Deb (United States)


Eczema diet before and after

"I have a form of eczema called Dyshidrotic Eczema on a couple of my fingers. It consists of tiny blisters that form and are really itchy, and on bad occasions, would cluster up together to form a dark red appearance on my finger. Sometimes it got so bad that I couldn't bend my fingers because of the large amounts of blisters that formed together on joints my fingers. I was very upset and embarrassed about my eczema and have tried many things such as drinking apple cider vinegar, taking chlorella tablets, increasing my iron intake etc. However, nothing has helped me significantly until I discovered Skin Friend. After a month of consuming Skin Friend, my eczema started clearing up and I am so thankful for Karen and her team for helping me control my eczema. Now, my fingers just look like any normal person's fingers! I definitely recommend Skin Friend to fellow eczema sufferers out there!"

Megan (Australia)

(before and after photos shown above)



“I am 51 years of age and have suffered from eczema since I was around 3 years old. In all that time (apart from the last 3 years when I have been following Karen's Eczema Diet) I have continuously used some fairly heavy topical steroid creams. So now I have followed the guidelines of Karen's book. In the last six months my progress has much improved. My "flare ups" are not as aggressive and do not last as long.  The swelling has gone down and not as red, no more weepy skin on my neck and eyelids.  I can get water on my face!  I don't have crying temper tantrums when my hands, face and neck are so itchy I'm scratching them raw.  I'm getting more than 2 hours sleep a night, sometimes even 6!!!!  YAAAH. My sheets and pillow slips are not constantly in the wash. These are just a few of the improvements.

I've still got a wee way to go but it's nice to see a little light at the end of such a very long, depressing and dark tunnel. Thank you Karen.”

Amanda (New Zealand)

(before and after photos shown above)
"After 12 years (from birth) of suffering severe eczema, my son's skin is now literally perfect. This diet has changed his life and that of our family. The diet is really not as hard as it might first appear. I did it with him for support which has helped. The supplements are easy to incorporate and well tolerated by him. I cannot thank you enough."
Meaghan (Australia)
"My daughter Ayva developed severe eczema two weeks after she was born. We had allergy testing done but avoiding her allergy foods did not help. She was also allergic to dust mites and cats so we packed away her fluffy toys (they harbour dust mites), put mittens on her hands, sent our cat to live with Grandma and tried dozens of skin creams and still her eczema did not improve.  
The photos of her legs (shown in the photos above), were taken after I developed The Eczema Diet and Skin Friend AM, which is the nutritional supplement to go with the diet. Her skin took about two months to completely clear up. 
Ayva gradually resumed eating a normal healthy diet and she remained eczema-free for thirteen years. However, when she was a teenager we moved to a new house and her eczema gradually returned on her arms (see photos, below). So she started taking Skin Friend again and now takes a maintenance dose to keep her skin clear."
Karen Fischer, nutritionist (Australia)



“Hi Karen, my son’s skin has improved greatly, still dry in patches but certainly no eczema. I used your eczema supplement for a very long time. Thank you!”
Jaynie, TV presenter Nine Network (Australia)

“Hi Karen Fischer and Team, I’m fortunate to come across to your website 3 months back. The Skin Friend supplements and eczema diet book are wonderful, in fact those are a miracle. I’m so thrilled how the diet is working. Thank you Karen Fischer for The Eczema Diet and medicines and your team. Thank you Deb for so patiently replying all my e-mails.”

Mallika (United States)


“Guided by your diet theory, steroid cream and time ... my now almost 4 year old is completely 100 percent eczema-free. We now live in LA where it is very dry and still no sign of a recurrence. We go to the pool (unfortunately lots of chlorine) twice a week ... and still no eczema. We eat a healthy diet and everything in moderation with no exclusions ... still no eczema. I couldn't imagine a time that this would happen; as it felt so bad and pretty much took over our life for a period. There is hope out there and I just want people to stay strong as I couldn't have imagined this success when her back and legs were so red and angry and uncomfortable for so long.”

Megan (United States)


"Hi Karen, I would firstly like to thank you so much for your help with my son's eczema. Not only does my son have his skin back, but he is so much more confident. You see, he is quite timid and having just started school this year was extremely paranoid about his "itchies". I was getting quite upset and stressed as nothing would work and we had tried so many things, skin specialists, 3 naturopaths, bowen therapy, Australian Biologics, NAET therapy and even went back to his paediatrician.

He had a swim program at school which he was very upset about attending as he would have to show his skin and some kids had already asked about it. As a result, he would go to school on hot days with a jumper on as he wanted to keep covered and when I told him he was to now wear his summer uniform to school he got so upset. It's heart breaking when your little boy cries to you and asks you "When will my itchies go away mum?" and you've exhausted every avenue and still have no answer! So on behalf of Jacob, I thank you so much for your fantastic book.”

Claudine (Australia)

(before and after photos shown below) 



“Hi Karen, Just wanted to give you and update on Darcy. He now has no allergies and is eczema free. His back, wrists, ankles and the insides of his arms have cleared up… I also wanted to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have changed me and helped improve my son’s happiness and life.  Your work is amazing and what you have done for my family and others is just, what can I say life changing.” 
Rhianna (Australia) 
“Hi Karen, I have been using your supplements to treat my sinus problems, asthma and food intolerances. Things are improving greatly.”
Jonathon (Australia)

"The diet plus all the supplements worked so well for us. I felt like a miracle happened to Leo. (He had regular steroid creams from a very early age, on top of antibiotics for infections on the skin that often happened because of various reasons, including childcare and very itchy nights ...) We had flaxseed oil and probiotics and other natural supplements before, but I think the combination and diet that you described is the most effective. (I also learnt a lot for myself, for my own health! Many thanks for this too.) My younger one also has a bit of eczema, but just few spots, which is such a relief! When we did the diet, we had it pretty much for the whole family. Milan’s eczema also completely disappeared."

Natalya (New Zealand)


“Dear Karen, your supplement has been a godsend and my daughter is free of eczema just 6 weeks into her treatment.”
Elizabeth (Australia)


"I am ecstatic to say that Ava has had amazing results from your diet!  Ava's skin has been clear for months now, she has no sign of eczema whatsoever which is just incredible, even though she has resumed a normal diet." 

Liz (Australia) 


“I am happy to say that Komal is 99% out of her eczema! Her skin is dry but all the rashes have gone. Many thanks for your help and extended support. Your advice and diet chart has helped to bring down the severity. She has a happy diet and her skin is smoother. Her skin color is also improving. Regards and thanks.” 

Anandhi (UK)


[KAREN: When Clare was first brought in to see me she was 12 months old and vomiting up to 10 times a day and not thriving like her twin. Jenny, the twin's mother, put both of her girls on the same diet for convenience.] 8 week's later Jenny reported : 

"Clare has gone from vomiting up to ten times a day to just once a week. She hasn't had any rashes for at least a fortnight. Clare stopped vomiting within 3-4 days after starting the diet and supplements. Her twin sister Reese is also a 'new' baby girl… She's gone from a grumpy, winger to a happy little girl in the last few weeks. I am keeping the 'new' baby! Reece's personality change happened about 10 days to 2 weeks after starting the new diet." 

Jenny (Australia)


"I’ve had eczema since birth. A specialist diagnosed my condition as chronic eczema. My skin, especially my face and neck, hurt and itched constantly, I was always tired and often irritable; I’d accepted that it would be with me for life ... Thanks to Karen’s program I am now clear of eczema (none, zilch, not a skerrick). The real turning point came when I started taking the eczema supplement Karen developed. My energy levels increased, I could finally kick the sugar and for the first time in my life I became eczema clear. I was amazed! To maintain really healthy skin I always start the day with Karen’s smoothie. I now use a far lighter moisturiser and much less of it on my face and body. My family has even commented how they love Mummy’s new soft skin. Thank you Karen, my only regret is that I didn’t find your program sooner."
Mary (Australia) 


"Hi Karen, my skin has improved drastically & is now practically clear. I'm gradually trying stronger foods to test my threshold. The eczema supplements seem to be working wonders for me!" 
Josh (Australia) 

"Georgia (gigi) woke up a couple of days ago and said "Mum I don't have Eczema anymore!!!" she was so excited. She still has lots of scar tissue on her feet and on the back of her knees that I hope in time will fade, but all redness, inflammation and soreness has gone....You are a true blessing Karen." 

Amanda (Australia)


"My 16 month old son Jagger has suffered with eczema since birth, especially on his feet and behind his knees. After I put him on Karen's anti-eczema program, within a couple of days he was sleeping better and scratching could leave him without clothes, and without scratching! He's much happier and busy playing instead of scratching!" 

Karma (Australia)


"The doctors told me Jesse's eczema wasn't food related and I was advised to minimise dust mite exposure, which we tried but it didn't clear up the eczema. The dietary changes and advice Karen gave us worked and 2 months later Jesse's eczema was gone. It's great, Jesse doesn't need medications anymore. I could finally throw away the Advantan as we had found the source of the eczema rather than masking the symptoms. I liked the fact that the elimination diet allowed us to find the specific food she was reacting to, and it was very straightforward and easy to follow. Friends and family were amazed and asked how I got his skin looking so good."

Linda (Australia)


“Callum's eczema has continued to improve - mostly behind his knees and on his ankles now which is amazing for us considering it used to be everywhere.”

Jenni (Australia)


“Hi Karen, Veer is well and his eczema has improved a lot (I would say 80% better from last year). Your supplement products have helped his eczema a lot.” 

Roshni (Australia)



“Brigitte’s eczema is much better while using the supplement. Her skin is not flaking anymore and the redness has gone. The supplement worked even quicker the second time we ordered it.”

Yulia (Australia)


"My son Luca suffered from severe eczema as a baby. We saw you several times approximately 3-4 yrs ago for advice. My son is fully cured thanks to your help."

Bronwyn (Australia) 

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