"Our mission in life is to support (and nourish!) people with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea and red skin syndrome (TSW).

These conditions can be devastating and painful - and we get it - in most cases slapping on a cream is not enough. But there are other effective solutions and we think everyone should know about them.

Wander around our site - the information is free - and you'll find some great tips so you can begin your journey to wellness today."

About us... Nutritionist Karen Fischer's personal journey with eczema is the reason we exist. Karen and her daughter have now both fully recovered from severe eczema. Karen has also recovered from psoriasis, rosacea, hives and severe hand dermatitis. And now Karen and her team of nutritionists are passionate about helping relieve the suffering of others.

"You can get better, don't settle for life-long itching!"

For the past 17 years Karen has helped thousands of skin disorder patients via her eczema clinic and books, which include The Eczema Diet, The Eczema Detox and The Healthy Skin Diet. While she no longer sees patients, Karen spends her time formulating new products (and recipes) to help those in need.

You can find Karen's products here.