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Eczema Life Clinic

Eczema Life was created to help people with eczema.

Karen Fischer 

Nutritionist Karen Fischer runs the Eczema Life Clinic in Sydney, Australia, and is the author of six books including the award-winning book The Healthy Skin Diet and The Eczema Diet.

Karen is a registered nutritionist (IICT Membership #190814590), with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree from the University of New England and a Diploma of Nutrition (NCC).

Karen passes on her years of expertise via our eczema blog. 

“My journey to clear skin began many years ago when I grew up with severe hand dermatitis and psoriasis. I studied for six years and became a qualified nutritionist and thankfully my skin has since remained clear. When my daughter Ayva developed severe eczema I felt helpless – the usual healthy foods made her skin worse. We tried everything including allergy testing, topical steroids and dozens of eczema skin creams, but Ayva’s eczema persisted.

I wanted to find a natural and healthy solution that was good for her whole body. So I developed a diet and supplement program to clear up her eczema. Since then, and for more than a decade, I have worked with people suffering from all types of eczema, dermatitis and topical steroid withdrawal (red skin syndrome). We don't claim to cure eczema but we wholeheartedly believe in our Skin Friend supplements so we do offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee on our supplements. 

It is my greatest wish that you enjoy being eczema-free too, as everyone deserves to live a normal, rash-free life. And when your skin clears up, I humbly ask that you might like to spread the word to let others know there are natural, drug-free solutions for eczema.” 


Sasha Paul

Sasha previously suffered from eczema throughout her childhood and early 20s. She is passionate about healthy food and is currently studying to be a nutritionist at Nature Care College in Sydney.

What we think is great about Sasha is her passion for raising money for cancer charities. And she is often found in her kitchen cooking delicious and healthy snacks for the family, using her Thermomix.

Adrian Paul

Adrian is our finance guy and an avid sailor in his spare time. He is the COO at Whybin TBWA Advertising Group, Australia (they look after Apple in Australia!). Adrian and his wife Sasha have two lovely boys.

What we think is great about Adrian is his work ethic and determination to help people with eczema.


Our lovely receptionists are Deb and Katie. Katie is currently studying to be a nutritionist at Nature Care College and Deb is a marketing strategist who previously suffered with neurogenic dermatitis/eczema (her skin is 100% clear now). 

The Eczema Life Clinic is located in Sydney, Australia. Join our newsletter for prizes, food guides and eczema support by signing up here.

Photos at the top of the page were taken by Lyn McCreanor. Product shot (below) by Karen Fischer.

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