Weekly Warrior- Chloe

Pictured: Chloes hands after being on our FID program for just over a week. 

This week we are sharing Chloe’s story...  

During Melbourne lockdown, some learnt an instrument, some watched 12 seasons of Greys Anatomy but Chloe healed her eczema.  

Chloe had eczema as a child but it went away has most childhood eczema does. However late last year the itch slowly crept back into her life. It spread to her arms and hands. 

“I didn't know what was causing this, I became very self-conscious, I would skip yoga or wear long sleeves to the gym. It wasn't until March this year where it got very bad ( I would wake myself up in the middle of the night itching and would wake up with blood under my nails) and I realised I need to do something.” 

With guidance from her acupuncturist Chloe started to make changes to her diet however, the eczema persisted. She knew there had to be some underlying food sensitivities that were not being addressed. 

“It was then that I discovered Karen's book, my goodness what a saviour it was! I changed my diet completely. I started with the detox diet then switched to the FID diet as I realised I had a salicylate intolerance. It's a slow process but my hands are clearing up. I am getting less flare ups and am not waking up in the middle of the night itching!” 

Chloe describes that her skin healing journey started in Melbourne lock down and although this was a challenging time it made sticking to the diet easier as restaurants and cafes were closed so there was no temptation to eat out. 

Now that life is a little more normal in Melbourne, Chloe has enjoyed eating out and found some wonderful places that accommodate her while on FID. 

“You can still eat out while on these diet programs. Don't get turned off when going out! Just call ahead and see if they can accommodate as eating out is such a great social experience.” 

Chloe takes Skin Friend PM and she notices that she heals much quicker after a flare since taking it. 

During Melbourne lockdown Chloe practised yoga daily and found it really helped calm down her nervous system in what was a very challenging time. 

Chloe has now started slowly expanding her diet and been able to introduce some of her favourite foods back in. 

“It's a slow process but I promise if you keep to the diet you are on and taking supplements to heal your gut your eczema will eventually be easier to manage. If you have not already bought Karen's book as if I never bought it I wouldn't be where I am or know what I know about certain foods now!”

We are so grateful to Chloe for sharing her journey with us. 

If you have an eczema story that you'd like to share, please email us at support@skinfriend.com 

Much love (and happy skin)!

xx Bonnie

Article by nutritionist Bonnie, who works with Karen Fischer at Skin Friend and Eczema Life. 

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