Each week we would like to share our ‘Weekly Warrior’.  This can be anyone in our eczema community, who has experienced a small or big win when it comes to improving their skin, confidence or emotional health. 

As many of you know, eczema can be a real pain in the butt! That’s why at Eczema Life, it is our mission to support, encourage, assist and nourish people with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, and red skin syndrome (TSW).

As we all know, these conditions can be painful, excoriating, uncomfortable, frustrating, itchy and even devastating, as a former eczema sufferer I’ve been there! Slapping on cream is not always enough, and this is why we offer other holistic, effective solutions. We think everyone should know about them!

At Eczema Life we see daily inspirational eczema warrior stories that continue to inspire us. We want to share these stories in the hope that they also inspire you and offer hope that your eczema journey will get better. You do not have to settle for a life-long itch.

This week, we wanted to share Sophie’s story…

Sophie, like many eczema sufferers, developed eczema as a child. Luckily for Sophie, she grew out of it, however, in her late twenties it returned with a vengeance. It started around her eyes, neck, and arms and became progressively worse over the next two years. Sophie wasn’t sleeping, she was waking up throughout the night with an aggressive itch. She felt miserable, uncomfortable, and defeated.  

Sophie was looking for answers and came across Karen’s latest book, ‘The Eczema Detox.’ She embarked on a new healing journey by following the Food Intolerance Diagnosis (FID) program. FID helps you work out your specific triggers. This is important for anyone with skin inflammation as allergy tests are often inaccurate. The FID Program provides a clear indication of what types of chemicals and foods you are intolerant or allergic to, recognising your triggers is crucial to skin healing.   

Sophie told us that the key to embarking on this program is being organised, prepared and committed.  The ingredients in the book and website provide numerous practical resources. Sophies comments: ‘My favourite would be the chickpea crust pumpkin pie! I liked having a small list of ingredients to cook from as it made me more creative. I enjoyed drinking lots of carob tea and warm oat milk. It just felt soothing’.

As well as doing the FID program Sophie also took Skin Friend AM and PM to support her restorative journey. Her favourite way to take this supplement was to simply dissolve the powder in water.

In addition to eating this nourishing eczema friendly diet, stress-reducing techniques are just as important when you have eczema. Sophie enjoyed taking lots of baths, reading, and doing gentle Pilates (no sweating) to calm her nervous system when her eczema was distressing.  

Since finishing the FID program after doing it for 2 months, Sophie says she mostly adheres to eczema-friendly foods (the eczema detox list) when cooking, about 80% of the time. Her skin has remained clear since introducing new foods into her diet.

“I do have odd nights off the diet completely if I'm eating out and I enjoy the occasional glass of red wine and chocolate. These were the two hardest things to give up, so it feels good to be able to enjoy small amounts again!”

Thank you so Sophie for sharing her journey, we hope it has inspired you as much as it has us! You are a true Eczema Warrior 😊

 If you have an eczema story you'd like to share with our community please get in touch! Email support@skinfriend.com or send us a message to Instagram (@eczema.life). 

Much love (and happy skin)!!

xx Bonnie

Article by nutritionist Bonnie, who works with Karen Fischer at Skin Friend and Eczema Life. 

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