Eczema Clinic Diet Featured on 7 News

Channel 7 News... "Groundbreaking research has revealed that diet could hold the key to an eczema cure. An Australian nutritionist has made a major breakthrough by identifying specific foods that clear it up, allowing sufferers to avoid years of discomfort." Channel 7 News reporter Bonnie Campbell visited the Eczema Life Clinic to find out more.


When Georgie's parents brought her to the Eczema Life Clinic in Sydney, they were hoping for a miracle. Georgie suffered from eczema on her neck, arms and legs and had previously been treated with topical steroids, without success.

Georgie's father Keith Broos said "Our daughter Georgie suffered from eczema {and} all she wanted was for the pain to go away. Doctors could not help her other than say come back when you turn 15, you will grow out of it. For Georgie this was not a option. The eczema area would start to bleed and she couldn't stand the pain and all she wanted to do was hide or die."

Georgie Broos

Georgie opened up to Seven News reporter Bonnie Campbell about the pain and embarrassment of suffering with eczema, saying "I just wanted to die".

Children suffering with eczema often hide their skin disorder by wearing their winter uniform even during the heat of summer. Adults with eczema wear long sleeves and some end up quitting work due to the pain and embarrassment of eczema. 

After years of using topical steroids and skin creams, patients are now looking for natural dietary alternatives such as the program offered by the Eczema Life Clinic in Sydney, which includes a supplement called Skin Friend and a temporary elimination diet.  

Georgie's father said "By chance my wife came across an article in Sydney's Child about the eczema diet. So we made an appointment for Georgie to see Karen at the Eczema Life Clinic in November 2015. Karen placed Georgie on the eczema diet which also contained the Skin Friend product."

"After a few weeks we started to see an improvement in Georgie. It has now been 8 months since Georgie started using the Skin Friend with the eczema diet and she is now leading a normal life and you wouldn't even know that she had suffered from eczema."

There are many patients with similar success stories. The Eczema Life Clinic founder, nutritionist Karen Fischer's daughter Ayva also previously suffered from eczema.

Ayva is the inspiration behind the years of research and the development of Skin Friend, the supplement that Karen prescribed to patients with skin inflammation such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, hives, topical steroid withdrawal, red skin syndrome and acne, to name a few. Karen's daughter's eczema, before and after:


Ayva's before and after photos



Ayva Before and After


Karen's daughter, Ayva, uses Skin Friend which allows her to eat a normal diet without her eczema returning. 


Best and worst foods for eczema  

Eczema allergy foods include egg, dairy, nuts and wheat but some of the worst foods for eczema are ones that are rich in preservatives and natural chemicals.

Salicylate sensitivity is the most common eczema sensitivity, affecting more than 60 percent of people with eczema. Salicylates are a natural chemical found in many fruits, vegetables, herbal teas, avocado, nuts and stone fruits. The research has been available for years but many health practitioners refuse to diagnose salicylate sensitivity. 

"People are surprised to find that avocado and dried fruits are on the itchy dozen worst foods for eczema list. Some eczema patients are eating avocado a day (to help their eczema) and they are wondering why they can't sleep because of the itch. Many websites are promoting the wrong foods for eczema, and as a consequence people are confused about what to eat. 

More than 50% of people with eczema react to preservatives and 35% flare up when they eat foods containing amines or MSG, and again, these foods should be avoided to quickly reduce the itch of eczema. 

When patients temporarily change their diet they feel much better. At the Eczema Life Clinic we then accurately identify food sensitivities and offer advice to get patients eating a wide variety of foods again.

We usually prescribe Skin Friend, which is our supplement that took us ten years to test and develop. It's now available without prescription and you don't need to book a consultation to order it. 

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