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Skin Friend PM

Skin Friend PM (also known as Calcium Matrix PM) contains a pure blend of calcium and magnesium. The product also contains a small amount of pure silica. Magnesium and silica help to boost the absorption of calcium. 

Calcium is important for anyone who has eczema for several reasons:

  1. Calcium deficiency signs include eczema/rashes, anxiety, hyperactivity, depression, heart palpitations and food sensitivities, which are all common symptoms suffered by people with eczema.
  2. Calcium helps to promote a good night’s sleep.
  3. People with eczema produce high levels of acid in their body and alkalising the body with pure calcium powder can be beneficial to reduce acid and the itch. So we put the highest quality salicylate-free refined calcium carbonate and magnesium into Skin Friend PM. When taken with food, PM quickly changes a person’s urine pH to be more alkaline and this can temporarily reduce the itch for fast relief.

‘Why does PM contain calcium carbonate instead of popular calcium citrate?’

Naturopaths love calcium citrate and we do too but...

We did not use calcium citrate as it is mostly citric acid (a highly acidic ingredient) and our tests found it did not have the alkalising properties we were seeking.

There is nothing wrong with taking calcium citrate to boost your calcium intake but it’s not a chemical sensitivity remedy so it does not specifically help eczema (as calcium citrate is mostly citric acid).

Why use refined calcium carbonate instead?

It's more alkaline, more pure, and contains more calcium per gram than calcium citrate.

Skin Friend PM contains a pure and highly refined calcium carbonate, which is 100% salicylate-free, for the specific purpose of alkalising the blood to temporarily reduce the itch of eczema and have a better night's sleep.

You don’t need to take much of it either – just a scoop mixed into water when you are feeling itchy or before bed (up to two scoops per day in divided doses). You can also mix it into foods or make your recipes more acid-alkaline balanced as shown in our Cashew Nut Butter recipe. 

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