Diet Diary


Keeping a record of your diet is a great way to work out what is aggravating your eczema or skin complaint. It is helpful to vary your diet during this time so a variety of foods can be assessed. Note: Continue to avoid your allergy foods.

When using this diet diary, list everything you eat and drink, including the amount of water consumed (e.g. 8 glasses of filtered water) and list brand names of spreads and sauces if using (and list baby food, if relevant). Also rate your eczema and itch out of 10 in the last column –10 is for severest flare ups, 5 is average, 0 is no eczema etc). Both ratings help you to identify the types of food chemicals you may be sensitive to. You can also see how your sensitivities decrease over time. This diet diary can be used during the FID Program from The Eczema Detox.

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