Skin Friend allergy information

People with eczema and other skin problems are often sensitive to a wide variety of food ingredients and chemicals including the chemicals in herbs and fruit extracts. So Skin Friend has been carefully crafted to be free of a wide-variety of potential irritants. Here is our allergy information:

Skin Friend "free from" list

  • No dairy, egg and seafood (vegan, contains no animal products)
  • No genetically modified ingredients (100% non-GMO)
  • No gluten, wheat or yeast
  • No magnesium stearate (common supplement manufacturing additive)
  • No artificial colours
  • No preservatives
  • No flavourings
  • No salicylates (natural plant pesticide which can worsen eczema)
  • No retinol (a type of vitamin A that worsens eczema)
  • No hexane
  • No citric acid
  • No sesame
  • No amines (histamine which can worsen eczema)
  • No sulfites (preservative)
  • No sugar
  • No nuts
  • No soy


The Skin Friend products are 100% free of retinol forms of vitamin A (such as retinyl palmitate) which is in most multi-vitamins. Retinol makes the skin incredibly dry and flakey and it can worsen eczema. Retinol is often used as a treatment for oily acne and is in the acne drug Roaccutane - so I don't recommend retinol vitamin A for eczema! 

More info

Skin Friend is 100% vegan, animal cruelty-free and certified non-GMO. We have people emailing us asking if our vitamin C is non GMO - yes the whole product is 100% non-GMO and this is stated on our label. Skin Friend is also herb-free so it's suitable for children over the age of one.

Note this is not a full 'free from' list as we cannot list every food. If you have severe food allergies which are not seen on this list, contact us to check if this product is right for you. 

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