The Healthy Skin Diet

The Healthy Skin Diet by Karen Fischer
"Thank you so much for a concise and well researched book. If I said it's changed my life I would sound clichéd, but that sums it up. I'm 31 and have suffered from acne since I was 15. This has affected my self esteem in varying degrees. Its been 6 days and I can honestly say I've seen better results than in a decade of trying. I've lost 2 kilos to boot. I'm so excited and will stick to it. I'm forever grateful for your book and its vital contents! Much love and appreciation." Camilla T. 
Karen Fischer interview about the healthy skin diet
"I did the cleanse and have been following the diet for almost 2 weeks now and I adore it... the food is wonderful and I've lost 3.5kg as well as only having a few new pimples in that time instead of a whole face full.... The recipes in the book are excellent and so accessible - and my partner and kids love what I've been cooking! I think people should know how easy and wonderful it has been to treat this chronic condition with Karen's lifestyle modifications... I have been telling all my friends and family about it." Sheena
"Dear Karen. Your book is amazing and even my Mother and Mother-In-Law are reading it intently over and over. My 4 year old daughter who is about to start Kindy has been taken off preservatives and artificial colours and has been taking her supplements for her severe eczema and is looking like a million dollars. What a difference in just 6 weeks. After 4 years of battling her eczema (not sleeping, not eating, extreme fatigue and hospitalisation with infected skin) I am now in control, more than ever. The doctors told me it was all about maintaining her comfort. The Healthy Skin Diet maintenance program is sooooo much better than many many tubes of cortisone cream that I used to use.” Meaghan 
"I am so thankful that I purchased book. This has been such a wonderful addition to my daily activities and certainly has enhanced my knowledge and motivation. I am 48yrs and my daughter is 16 yrs and we have been following your book religiously and we feel fantastic. I have been fortunate to have attended several of Tony Robbins programs so I had a bit of an insight into energising and alkalising so your book has been the icing and something I have been able to promote to others. I have just ordered another book for my folks who are in their late seventies. Also I have a friend who has severe psoriasis who is going to order the book. Many, many thanks!” Carol M.
The Healthy Skin Diet recipes
"Dear Karen, Please see attached my before and after photos of my skin. My before photos show I had a lot of acne particularly on my neck which were pus like pimples and very sore. I am 23 and my acne was really getting my down, I was soo conscious of my appearance and my self esteem was at an all time low. I wondered why on earth do I have acne at 23, what's wrong with me? I had tried every acne cream possible and didn't want to take antibiotics again like I did back when I was 16. I then discovered your book... My after shots are taken after 3 weeks on The Healthy Skin Diet where my acne is beginning to clear up and is less painful without the hard lumps. I feel so much more healthier since starting The Healthy Skin Diet and the antioxidant salad is one of my favourites. I thank you soo much for your book and it can only get better from now up to the 8 weeks and beyond.”  (author wishes to remain anonymous)
"Just wanted to let you know since following the recommendations in your book I have become a different person! I feel really fit, strong and healthy. I have plenty of energy and the pimples that would plague me every time of the month on my chin, have stopped! My husband loves the new me and told me to 'buy in bulk' whatever it was I was using. I am just generally happier, less stressed and very calm. It is quite an achievement when you have 2 small children and a small business to run. So thank you very much." Monica M.
"I am very pleased that I discovered the Healthy Skin Diet. I have implemented many of Karen's recommendations and noticed an improvement in my skin in just over seven days. I have also noticed an improvement in my energy levels. Karen's book is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to improve their health, it is exceptionally well researched and easy to use." Sarah F.
"I have read your book cover to cover and am on Day 1 today of my new eating plan. The recipes look great too! I really loved the book - it is really well written and you've included such great information!" Rachel 
"My partner suffers from a form of eczema which is worse during the hot months. She has these blotches all over and in summer when sweating they become red and itch like crazy.   She has been taking your lemon drink each morning and amazingly the red blotches have almost totally disappeared and there is no more itching. It is a miracle !!! Something so simple. Thanks so much." Hazel K. 
Hi Karen, I just wanted to say thanks again for your advice. I had a look at the book, which is great by the way... and my skin has cleared completely! I don't know if it's a coincidence, but it hasn't looked this good in about 10 years. I am keeping my fingers crossed it stays this way. Thanks again." Melinda
"Your book is amazing, I was glued to it and read it all over two days. Holding my attention is hard to do, so bravo you are a talented lady." Aimee R. 
“Hi Karen, I just wanted to thank you for your book. It gives me such great ideas and has really taught me how to cook in a way. So many of your beautiful recipes are my mainstay. I recommend you to so many people.” Frances