Where do I buy the eczema supplements mentioned in The Eczema Diet?

Georgie using Skin Friend on 7 News

FAQ "In The Eczema Diet book, nutritionist Karen Fischer says she prescribes supplements to help her patient's eczema. Are these products available to buy?"

A: Karen's product which she spent ten years developing and testing for patients with skin disorders are supplements called Skin Friend Original. It contains Skin Friend AM and Calcium Matrix PM and it is now available in a convenient kit. The good news is anyone can purchase it online, and you can also buy the products separately. 

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Skin Friend was featured on 7 News on June 29th, 2016. 

Photo at top of page: Georgie adding Skin Friend to a smoothie.

Watch the 7 News video:

Georgie drinking Skin Friend smoothie, 7 News


FAQ: "Can I take other supplements while following The Eczema Diet?"

A: If you are following the Eczema Diet, which is a low-salicylate diet, you will need to avoid supplements that contain salicylates for a period of 12 weeks. These include herbal medicines, herbal teas, wheatgrass and other green supplements, and multivitamins. If you have been diagnosed with a deficiency, such as iron or vitamin D, please continue to take them.

Taking other supplements during the elimination diet may interfere with your results, as most supplements contain salicylates, amines and/or hidden additives.

Note that fermented products, probiotics and fish oils contain amines (or histamines) so they will affect your results IF you are sensitive to amines/histamines. If you are not sure if you are sensitive to them seek advice from a health practitioner or send us an email. You could also join our online Eczema Diet Membership. There are no appointments necessary to speak to Karen and her team of nutritionists on the support forum.

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