Eczema Detox Easter Menu and Recipes

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Spending time with family and friends or taking a well-deserved break should be all you have to think about this Easter weekend, so let us take care of the menu... 
Many Easter favourites such as sugar-laden chocolates and hot cross buns can trigger eczema flare-ups (if you are susceptible to eczema or have allergies), so we have designed these recipes with your sensitive skin in mind. Featuring foods from nutritionist Karen Fischer's Eczema Detox program, these recipes are high in nutrition, low in allergens and full of flavour. 
Good Friday Fish Dish
Whether you typically choose fish for Good Friday or not, this dish is a must. Featuring beautiful crisp vegetables, tasty white fish and fresh flavours. 
Get the recipe here.
Saturday Morning Carrot and Pear Cupcakes
Hot cross buns are usually enjoyed over Easter, but for those prone to skin issues such as eczema, we think these Carrot and Pear cupcakes are a great alternative. Serve on a platter board with freshly cut pear, banana or papaya for a lovely light breakfast. 
Get the recipe here.
Saturday Lunch Grazing Plate
Going to a BBQ or picnic for Easter Saturday? Then this vegetable grazing plater is a perfect choice. You could also add in some cheese and water crackers for those not following the Eczema Detox (although I bet they will still reach for the colourful carrots and edamame hummus). 
Get the recipe here.
Saturday Night Lamb Feast
A great choice if you are staying in, this simple combination of lamb, vegetables and herbs is sure to please, and you only have to use one dish.
Get the recipe here.
Sunday Morning Easter Egg Hunt
For children following the Eczema detox, a Sunday morning Easter Hunt should still be enjoyed. Cover these homemade carob eggs with foil to easily hide around the backyard. Just be sure to keep a few for yourself while you watch, you definitely will not want to miss out on these treats. NOTE: the Cashew Carob Eggs will be easier to use for an Easter hunt as they will not soften as quickly. 
Get the recipe here.
Monday Morning Cleansing Papaya Smoothie Bowls.
Nourishing smoothie bowls are the perfect finish to an Easter weekend (especially after indulging in too many carob eggs). These smoothie bowls are rich in skin-supporting vitamin C and offer a beautiful combination of fibre, natural digestive enzymes and antioxidants. 
Get the recipe here.


A note on alcohol:

Low salicylate alcohol choices: while alcohol is ultimately problematic for eczema (as alcohol is highly acid-forming), there are some exceptions for special occasions, including vodka, gin and whiskey, which are classed as 'low salicylate', glutamate-free and 'low amine' making them suitable for people with chemical intolerances. On saying this, of course, avoid alcohol if you find it gives you crazy flareups. 

I hope you have a lovely Easter filled with friends, family, food and clear skin. X


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Written by nutritionist Katie Layland. Food photos by Karen Fischer and Katie Layland.