How to avoid an eczema flare this spring

By Bonnie...

Spring has officially sprung here in Australia, but this does not mean that your eczema has to as well!

Most of us  embrace spring as the days become longer and our weather gets warmer, plants grow and flowers bloom. However, if you’re an eczema sufferer, springtime can be less enchanting. Spring brings an increase of allergens in the air, (think grass, flower and pollens), warmer temperatures can worsen already irritated, dry skin, and increase sweating can further inflame eczema.

So, how can you help your skin during the springtime?

Read our tips to find out.

Choose the right fabrics

Warmer weather can exacerbate eczema, so choosing breathable. comfortable fabrics is so important. Wool, linen and synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester are a definite no no! Choose 100% soft cotton or organic bamboo instead. You can find out more information on suitable fabrics for eczema here.

Build up your immune system with protective vitamins, minerals and nutrients

Recent studies by the Institute Pasteur, demonstrated that microbiota (gut flora) may have a role in preventing allergies. Gut flora is the microbe in our intestines, and has many functions, including immune defence. The study showed that reduced number of microbiota, can decrease the effectiveness of the immune system and trigger allergies. For these reasons, it is important to support your immune system and gut flora with a healthy eczema friendly diet and include immune protective vitamins and minerals.

The Eczema Detox and the Food Intolerance Diagnosis (FID) program in the Eczema Detox book provides heaps of information to support your immune system and help repair your skin, and keep it in the best possible condition it can be! Your confidence will soar, and you will be able to swap your jeans for shorts – cotton of course!

 The FID program runs for 4-6-week period and aims to identify food sensitivities. If you have a less severe case of eczema, or simply cannot be so strict over this time frame, the detox program may be more appropriate for you. Both options are found in this book here

Skin Friend AM can be taken to support gut flora imbalance as it helps heal the gut lining. It also includes:

  • Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant with anti-viral effects
  • Zinc which plays a vital role in immune response
  • Glycine which plays a key role in reducing inflammation
  • Magnesium which keeps the immune system strong

Stop that f****** itch

If the springtime flowers have got you itching like crazy, there are a few things you can do to calm down the f****** itch

  • Avoid ‘the’ itch with a calming lukewarm bath with our Oat and Zinc Bath Powder. The oat powder and zinc oxide are amazing at soothing and calming itchy skin.
  • Instead of itchy like a mad man, gently rub our 24 Hour Rescue Balm on irritated dry skin. Gently rubbing the skin will satisfy the itch without breaking and damaging the skin. Our 24 Hour Rescue Balm is also incredibly soothing and hydrating so you'll be helping your skin while relieving ‘the’ itch  
  • Listen to our calming and nourishing Spotify playlist 'Vagus Nerve Wellness' which is designed to calm down an overstimulated nervous system. This can help soothe your mind and halt ‘the’ itch. If you do not have a Spotify account, you will need to search the app store (on your smart phone) and download the Spotify app. Search "Vagus Nerve" when on the Spotify app and find the playlist by Skin Friend. Alternatively, if you are on your computer you can sign up to Spotify online here if you haven't already got an account. It's free 😊
  • An obvious yet effective way to help with a springtime itch is via distraction. If I’m feeling particularly itchy and un-comfortable, I like to lie down and indulge in my favourite Netflix show (currently it's 'Selling Sunsets'), phone my mum to chat and giggle (or a little bit of a gossip) or sometimes I blast music and dance as I believe it can release’ the’ itchy monster inside you. 

     Keep your skin and insides hydrated 

    Keeping your skin hydrated is an important step for any season, but as we move into the warmer months it should become a priority.  

    Drinking water is essential to help the liver flush out toxins and supply the whole body (including your skin) with the moisture it needs. Try to have 8 glasses a day. 

    Don't forget to also hydrate your skin topically with a natural, no-nasties moisturiser like our 24-hour rescue balm. 

    Lots of love

    xx Bonnie

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