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As of late April, we have only been shipping to Australia and New Zealand due to postal issues caused by the pandemic. However, we are now both extremely excited and relieved to announce that as of early June we will be shipping internationally again, HURRAY! Keep an eye out for our newsletter for updates. If you’re new to this community you can sign up here (scroll to the bottom). 

Not being able to order Skin Friend because of these restrictions, begs the question…what can you do for the next few weeks without accessing your Skin Friend supplements? No, the answer is not to scream loudly and panic, the answer is to read our tips!     

 We have had a lot of questions from concerned eczema warriors who are feeling anxious about not being able to receive the AM and PM products during this time. It can be scary when you rely on a product because you know how much it helps and then it becomes unavailable.  However, we want to reassure you that there are still many ways to manage your eczema. A short time without AM and PM will not send your body into a crazed panic! By following these tips, you can remain eczema free.  

Do you know about our Eczema Diet Ultimate Shopping Guide & Program?

The ‘Ultimate PDF Shopping Guide for Eczema’, is sent straight to your inbox! This all-in-one Eczema Diet shopping list including hundreds of eczema-friendly food products and recommended brands. This will make planning your menus so much easier. The printable e-book includes three comprehensive shopping lists, FAQs, eczema-friendly baby foods, vegetarian and vegan options, eczema friendly brand names, supplement brands and so much more. It takes the guess-work out of buying eczema-friendly products for you and your family. At only AU $9.99 is an excellent investment.  

Depending on where you live you can purchase this guide:

  • Australian and New Zealand version
  • American and Worldwide version
  • Canadian version

As an added bonus, it provides information on how to diagnose your food allergies and intolerances at home, using Karen's accurate food elimination diet. This is more effective and precise than expensive allergy tests.

 Follow the Eczema Diet

While you are unable to take AM and PM, it is more important than ever to consume eczema friendly foods to prevent inflammation and subsequent eczema flare-ups. Nourish your skin by consuming the best foods for eczema and stay away from the itchy dozen worst foods for eczema

The best foods for eczema include ones that contain no salicylates or are low in salicylates, amines, and MSG (glutamates). If you have The Eczema Detox or the Shopping Guide we recommend following the programs. Both the Eczema Detox and shopping guides share the most up to date research on eczema and other skin conditions.

 We know how challenging it can be to give up a few of your favourite food groups – mine is chocolate and hot chips! However, the book and shopping guide offer so many alternatives. When I experimented with different recipes, I realised this was achievable, much easier than I thought, and delicious. Who would have thought that Brussel Sprouts would become my favourite veggie! In addition, feeling your skin and energy levels improve as you engage with the diet lifts your spirits, bringing you out of the darkness, encouraging and making it easier for you to continue with even more determination than before. 

 Although we are currently unable to ship The Eczema Detox book internationally you can find it on Amazon here.

Do things to keep you calm and happy

With everything going on, sometimes its necessary to switch off your phone and the telly as constant news updates can cause stress which we know is not good for eczema.  Instead, watch something that will make you laugh as laughter is a much-needed commodity and the best antidote to stress.

 Tips to stay calm

  • Breathe slowly and deeply: slowly inhale and make your exhalation twice as long as this switches on your “rest and digest” nervous system response... and it feels good. I usually start breathing in slowly for 10 seconds, hold my breath for 5 seconds then breathe out slowly for 15 seconds, and then build on this. This really helps me whenever those moments of anxiety sneak it.
  • Take a warm luxurious bath, making sure you add our Oat and Zinc Bath Powder. Whilst stuck at home, what a positive way to use your time wisely.
  • Listen to our Vagus Nerve Wellness, Eczema Warriors, Dancing in the Kitchen, or Sleep Well Spotify playlists. These playlists are calming and nourishing, designed to calm down our overstimulated nervous system and make you feel good. Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies. It can have a beneficial effect on our physiological functions, slowing the pulse and heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones (important for helping eczema). You can find our Spotify playlists here. If you do not have a Spotify account, you will need to search the app store (on your smartphone) and download the Spotify app. Search "Skin Friend" when on the Spotify app to find our account. Alternatively, if you are on your computer you can sign up to Spotify online here if you haven't already got an account. It's free to listen to. 

      Hopefully, I have reassured my eczema friends that through these tips (and I like to think wise words), you have what is needed to settle your eczema while we can’t send you your AM and PM orders.

      We are here for you during this time so stay in touch via our Facebook support group and Instagram page. So enough talking, go make some roasted Brussel sprouts, have a cup of carob tea, chill out to the playlists, and breathe deeply.

      Much love (and happy skin!)

      xx Bonnie

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